[➀] Princess Contest: Opening Ceremony and Princess Parade

Played by Amanda Wells
6 months 2 weeks ago



Princess Competitors are wearing her best Princess gowns.

This Story started at 'The Lacy Princess Contest' [*HERE*]

OOC Notes

We'll open one thread for each Stage of the Competition, the competitors can post when they wants or have time, so we can go faster in all competitions and noone feels compelled to post, can do it with time and comfort, like a Princess needs.

If you want to have some 'relations' in between the Princesses, can continue in the 'The Lacy Princess Contest' where is going on the reception.

Late Princess: Post something in the 'The Lacy Princess Contest' and then here.

Instructions to the Competitors: One post by each Competitor during the parade. You can edit and change the post whatever you wants until the Judges gives its judgment.

Instructions for the Judges: Criteria will be deportment, picture, and post formatting.
You can post whatever you want and if you want.