The Front Desk

Howard comes in looking for a few nights of fun. (Private)

I paid the limo driver with a fifty and a porter came and took my cases. As I followed him into the lobby I smiled, I could already see a beavy of beautiful women. They were most likely heading into the casino, casually dressed, but it was all tight. Sprayed on jeans, little tops with plunging neck lines.

Ahhhh lovely.

I head over to the desk while taking in the sight of one girls butt wiggling in her trousers. I chuckled at the though of them splitting. Wondering what colour panties or what style she had on. Or indeed if.

Allen's Ukrainian Odyssey {Private}

I’m fresh out of Tufts University near Boston with a Masters Degree in International Business Development and already I get a job interview from a company based in the Ukraine which my dad would say was in the former Soviet Union. Sure and bell bottoms were trendy too back then too, pops. ~heh ~heh

The prospective company has paid for my whole trip including a Business Class flight from Boston to Kiev. After clearing customs, I pick up my local ZAZ rental car and head off with GPS installed directions through the beautiful but foggy Carpathian Mountains.

Jack visits The Lacy Place Casino

This is my frist visit to Vegas, heard that it's a fun fu to relax and have some some. I enter the Casino and check it out, Wo o many hot looking chicks, maybe I can get laid while I'm here.
I walk over the the front desk- really a hot locking babe behind the desk. "Hi here I'm John Watson, i have a reservation for the week." I smile as I look her over.

Reuben Rolls in Ready to Relax

Arriving at the airport with plenty of time to spare Reuben waited patiently to check in only to find a mix up with his First Class reservation meant his seat had been given to somebody else however after a pleading exchange the helpful Woman behind the desk finally relented and offered him a budget seat at the special discounted surcharge of a $100, the only draw back was it consisted of three connecting flights.

Three's company

I'm quite nervous...
Today I've kind of a double date.
Yesterday, in Mardi Gras party, I met a girl, Fortuna, very kind, nice... We'd lots of fun... but she told me there was someone else...
I feared it was a one time thing so, but she explained to me she wanted the three of us going to valentine's ball... together.
I agreed eagerly, of course, after saying I didn't want to disturb their relationship...
We decided to arrange a meeting today so I can met the other girl, Alice.

Mr. Unlucky...

It was another scorching Nevada day when I burst into the Lacy Place. Growing up in San Diego, I thought I was pretty familiar with the Vegas Strip, but somehow this place had never caught my attention. I was in quite a state and very frustrated. After driving a good seven hours from San Diego, those dolts at the Hilton did not have any room for me. Any worse, they wouldn't give me my money back! Never again!, I thought as I set my bags down.

A new little one is born

I'll never understand my ex...
A long and complicated divorce after discovered I had been cheating her for years, and suddenly she gives me this travel to Las Vegas?
Well the years of cheating... She should have really known. Years of coming late, the smell of another woman, travels for a few days... It's not my fault she was so silly she didn't get it until now...
Well, I'm always up for a free travel... I enter the reception and wait for someone to attend me...

Joe arrives at the Lacy Place

Walking through the lobby area on my way to work in the lounge, I notice a handsome young gentleman waiting at the front desk. All the receptionists are busy with other guests, so I decide to offer him a complimentary cocktail in our lounge.

"Good afternoon Sir. My name is Jacqueline. It seems our receptionists are rather overwhelmed at the moment. May I offer you a complimentary cocktail in our lounge while you wait? I'll have my friend Jessica call when your turn comes up to check in."


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