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William Richardson comes to the Lacy Place (private)

William Richardson sat comfortably in his chair in the lounge, reading a newspaper and occasionally looking around. He had been considering this investment a while, but had never had time to explore it. Finally, he was free to take a vacation from his gruelling schedule, and explore the prospects of investing here at the same time. A representative of the Lacy Place was to meet him soon...

Johnson Ward Makes a Big Mistake (Private)

Johnson Ward is a fit and successful New York businessman, who firmly believes in working hard, and playing harder. He’s generally successful with the ladies, but only as hookups, he doesn’t want a girlfriend, and no girl would take him. He’s come to Lacy because he heard that it had the freakiest girls this side of Thailand.

After the long flight from New York, K take a taxi to Lacy, the driver chuckled when I told her, she must know how freaky the girls are there.

Emerald comes to the city of sin to visit her sister and remove a pest.

I walked into the lobby of the hotel and smiled. It was a lovely looking place. I’d had a room booked for myself and my husband but I knew that he wasn’t going to be staying in it. He was going to be other wise occupied. He was currently at a wolf pack seminar. A place where silly little boys beat there chests and pretend there real men.

A real man will be proud of a strong women by his side, not envious. And boy was Mitchell envious.

But I was here for my little sister, Sapphire.

Mister Patricia Remington {Open}

I slowly sneak into the lobby of the Lacy Place, trying not to be noticed but that’s difficult. My ‘partner’ Elizabeth has dressed me in $500 worth of designer men’s sportswear from neck to ankles. However my fingers, toes and lips are painted in bright pink and the ladies sandals I am wearing have rhinestones. I am also doused in Chanel No.5 perfume and carrying a dainty, women’s clutch purse in front of me.

Captain Allen's Desert Vacation

It was a long flight for me from Portland Maine to Las Vegas, at least for a guy who rarely travels South of Boston except by sea. It’s gotta be 50 degrees hotter when I leave the airport here than when I left New England and it seems even hotter when I debauch from the cab under the canopy of the Lacy Place Resort and Casino.

Marty sees the new Doctor {Private}

I finished my schooling on the West Coast and am driving across country to start a new job in New York when I decide to stop in at Lacy Place, my first time in this famed city. As I walk through the lobby and casino area, not only is there the glitz and glamor I’ve seen on TV but the place just smells of femininity.

There are girls everywhere, sliding by with their perfumes and other smells. More than a few glance my way and smile as they lick their always cherry-red lips. Just then a few of them block my way and introduce themselves with a giggle:

paparazzo to paparazza open

Being Paparazzo is such a great job, get to travel around te world- tracking down and taking photos of the Rich and famous I make a lot of money taking interesting photos to Magazines and scandal sheets. OK I did get punch and kicked a couple times but It is an exciting job. I received a tip and Taylor Swift will be staying at the Lacy Place Casino. I do pla to get so many Photographs of her.=, inspite of her security team.

Relocating for a new Job {Private}

It had been a terrible year so far, with the onset of online shopping in the UK, my clothes shop had been forced to close. Luckily one of the receivers who happened to be a very cute brunette from the Western states of America.
I wasn't able to place the accent, and as she was so beautiful I always got only half of what she said. As I got lost in her beauty
What I do remember, Ms Rochelle had said that she had heard of a company in Las Vegas called Koors or Kors that had an opening and were looking for new staff.


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