The Night Life

Mistress Michelle's room at Starbucks (invite only please)

Mistress Michelle has a special arrangement with a nearby Starbucks to rent a room behind the main restaurant. She has accommodations there for guests, and various other activities. She frequently lets her friends use the facility when she is out of town on "business". The space is much more than it appears at first glance.

Shanika's Green Garden (invite only please)

Shanika has been running a high class whore house for some time now in a secluded area a few miles out of Las Vegas. Bribes are paid, favors exchanged and the authorities leave her alone.

The main house is an old mansion, completely redone on sixty acres of land. No expense has been spared to create a green oasis in the desert. There are several outbuildings in various sizes to accomodate people who need complete privacy.

Keep calm and carry on- open

My hear beats so very as I leave my room and head down to the night club. i heard what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I am really testing that idea. I so excited to be out in public enfem. For me this is a dream come true thought I still have much to do before I become the girl of my dreams. I had been hanging out out at TG night clubs and have dated a couple Tranny girls. One of the "Girls" Back encoraged me to come out. This is my first step.

Date with Barbie???

So, I was a little intrepid about this date! It was with a Gurl I had met on Lacy Lush! She was pretty but I didn`t quite have an angle on her General Aptitude or General Emotional Intelligence!

She surely `ticked` some boxes but some were left blank? I mean did she like cats or dogs? Did she covert the duvet, or did she even like T-Gurls?

I would find out? ~Smirk

Kitana's interview

Kitana has waited patiently for me to interview her for the position of whore. I am not sure why as she is multi-talented and very good looking. Girls like her just have a very good life here. But she will be an asset here if she can handle very sort of client pawing over her and using her for their pleasure.

I walk in to find her thumbing through a magazine. Hi Kitana, so you want to be one of my whores?


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