The Night Life

bimbo candace whores herself for strangers

bimbo candace whores her self for strangers

chapter one

after waking

up I stepped into the bathroom where the glass sliding bathtub door awaited me
i saw two bottles of shampoo and conditioner one strawberry and one vanilla peach

i twisted the top squirting it on my hands and rubbing it on my blonde luxurious and radiant hair

i rubbed a bar of soap on my bosoms with a soft driving

i dragged the bar of soap all over my body getting every hole

I washed with cold water which caused me to moan because of my sensitive boobs

Monika moves in- open

My boyfriend Frank didn't want to leave me home alone- he knows just how clueless and submissive I've become. So I will b living nd working at the Lacy Place Casino until he comes to reclaim me. Frank had me modeling such sexy outfits- for girls like me to wear.

I do want to check ou the scene- so I go into the bar. Oh so many sexy girls working here.

The Red Room - an Operating and Punishment Room - Lynn's Punishment

The room contains numerous cabinets, hooks on the walls, an operating table, and a chair.

I am bound to the chair practically naked struggling to get out knowing that it is impossible. I'm sobbing in fear as I look up at the camera's red light wondering what will happen to me now. I have gotten on the wrong side of Miss Phoenix, and now await my fate.

life changed

I'm no longer who I was before I have a new life now a new name Mary Jane

[=blue][I guess I can say that my life is better before than it was previously I can't argue with my new life my voice is so feminine /color]


Here I am in the streets of carcer city

The city of carcer city is no picnic but there are whores and strip clubs and broken down cars paving the streets

There are 5 $ whores to 15 $ whores

You must be brave to brave these streets

I am trying my best

I'm driving these streets and I'm blaring my car horn

The hooker says hey stud muffin you looking for a good time

larry tates, lunch

I was at restaurant where food was illegally sold

That was solid

But they keep bringing on the fact that buying this food was illegal

I didn't care

I payed the globules

I got a slice of pizza I was wolfing it down scarfing)it down the cheese and pepperoni and sauce staining my shirts

The people that were in the restaurant were disgusted as I chewed with my mouth opened

I was a mess with food pieces but there lies a problem

Miss Phoenix goes shopping with the Girls - Shopping Girl needed

I look at the girls. "Jean take us to the largest shopping mall in town.We need some variety that is for sure."

Thinking Anna needs some new outfits. "Jean you need to replace some of your outfits i think." Rubbing my chin.

"What about you Amanda?" Thinking should stop and pick up Jocylyn.

"Jean swing by the club and pick up Jocylyn I want to make sure all the girls i have an interest in look great."


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