Employee Housing

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pink bunny electra

He says you are a beautiful pink bunny waitress

I'm Carl lovely restaurant you have here

thank you sir you got me blushing blush blush sir sir here at the restaurant slash hotel I'm slave of this establishment I mean how may I serve you sir

He says yeah ok pink bunny ill have two spaghetti tacos and mashed potatoes and two beers

[♫] Lydia's Surprise Birthday Party [Invited Only]

I've invited to my Apartment some friends to celebrate friendship and more ...

It's to celebrate Lydia's Birthday!, some drinks, nice music, gifts, fun, cheer up, and all what in a Party can be.
Well, not all, we'll be good girls and 'try' to don't have sex in this one, it's a birthday's party errrmmm ... mmmmhhhh .... *shrug*

Whatever, this will be a Night to Remember! will be a Night Like This...

[⌂] Kittie`s Room!

We`d almost had a `Date` but soon I had become her assigned Guide! Along with two accomplices we nudged her down the Pink Path & Kitty came into being!

Did I think she was the least bit put out, not at all. I`d surmise she was Open to possibilities her new life now presented!

Sadly, Sad tidings had made me cut our time together short but I kjnew she would be in capable/welcoming hands with my friends...

I put my arms around her one last time & give her a parting ~Huggle

Mistress Mia's & Angie Kitty's apartment (Invite Only)

It was only the start of the academy, and I had asked Angie if she would be my wife. What happened between us surprised me, as she actually answered me in an emphatic "Oh my Gawd, YES," and I blush as I relive that memory.

I pull Angie along with me, and I give her a quick kiss.

"Welcome home my love

A Special Friend (Private)

Suzette and I had decided to visit the piano bar for a relaxing nite out.
An innocent nite , pizza , beer and music.
While there we met a new special friend Alina and as the nitr moved along , after many drinks invited her back to our place.
Well we needed to leave a bit early as Suzette may have had one too many.
Walking home in the cool nite air both Alina and I hold Suzette up...


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