Employee Housing

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Nothing is Sweeter than Jasmine

I am really a little nervous about tonight , my good friend is setting me up on a date...
Was honest with her and told her I have run into a dry spell.
Saw her eyes light up and mentions a girl Named Jazmine.
Says we will hit it off , so tonight I get dressed hoping to get lucky.

Hope my dress impresses...so I wear something Racy.

Michy and Nikki

The stage is set, and we are off to get ourselves ready, or is that just the excuse to get together with this hot sexy girl...I want her, and I think she wants me for more then aiding Seb's plot.

As we walk out the door I slip my arm around your waist. Your place or mine sexy I ask, as we walk. But I have to warn you my place is over the whorehouse I manage.
I figure better not to surprise you...

Lilith has been missing work (attn Miss Phoenix)

I don't know what has come over me lately but I have been missing work at Hellfire and know i could be in trouble.

About an hour ago I got a call from Miss Phoenix and she started yelling at me for not being at work for so long. Before i could even try to explain myself she said she would be at my door in 20 minutes. I am not sure what i would have said as i really did not have a reason for not being at work.

My heart races as i wait to hear the knock at the door and almost fall down as i hear her knocking.

chicka the maid

With the help of masters technology I was no longer male was female I WAA of the female sex unfortunately I owed him a lot of money for my

Changes in order to pay for m changes I had a agreement to be his maid

I was walking him up I said

Master I made you our coffee and eggs

Daisy is assigned an apartment

Continued from here:

Daisy and I stop at the housing unit office and pick up her key card. When we arrive at door to the apartment, she opens the door and we step inside.

"Well here we are Daisy. It's small, but very nice. A front room / bedroom combination, a small kitchen with a well stocked refrigerator and cupboards, a bathroom, and plenty of storage for your wardrobe."

Fetishes and Fantisies (PM to Discuss Joining)

I smiled at myself as I admired the finishing touches, I was ready to be the Fantasy Mistress tonight.

The stage was set, my apartment ready, I took a deep breath in and out, tonight Fetishes and Fantisies would start.

I had two players ready to go, we would discuss their characters and start a nice long game.

I took posistion behind my screen and awaited those who would be subjected to my game.


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