The Spa

The bright, blinking lights and constant sounds of the casino floor fade away to nothing. Instead, light green walls provide an immediate sense of calm. The only illumination is from the clean linen-scented candles flickering throughout the room. In contrast to the windowless casino floor, the spa contains floor-to-ceiling windows framing the entrance to a rooftop garden. The tree canopies and the flourishing greenery provide an escape from the reminders of the Vegas strip. What at first appeared to be colorful flowers in the distance are actually girls resting on the grass. You can't quite tell from a distance, but it seems like they are 'entertaining' other guests.

Off to the side, the gym is a clean and very clinical white containing all manner of devices. Cardio, weights, and a large area for yoga and aerobics catch your eye. A group of giggling girls exit through a door and for a brief moment you catch a glimpse of a class that seems to be focused on pole dancing. While there is the occasional client on the treadmill or weight stations, you cannot help but stare at the small yoga class currently happening in front of you. Each girl built like she is carved out of marble. Their tiny spandex outfits barely hide anything, and the material seems stretched to the max when the girls are just standing. As they move into the first position, you are amazed by how 'bendy' they all seem to be.

The pool stretches out forever. It starts indoors, but the majority of the rich blue water shines against the immense Vegas sun. Loungers surround the pool deck, with umbrellas preventing sunburn. A bevy of beautiful women in the skimpiest of bikinis seem to be on patrol to make sure nobody is lifting a finger. They seem to be causing some other things to lift though. A few seem to be getting very friendly, and despite the bright glare off the water, you are certain you saw a couple of girls without tops surrounding one particular gentleman.

In a small alcove sits a salon. Various stations appear filled with girls having their hair done, makeup applied, and nails perfected. You take your time to watch each procedure done, the nature of one gorgeous woman so focused on beautifying another paints a sensual image. Against a far wall, a bank of massage tables are present, with curtains giving a sense of privacy. One set of curtains remains slightly open to reveal a masseuse providing what can only be considered a very 'happy' massage to a male client. You can't help but stare as her hands cause him to erupt like a volcano.

All around you feminine beauty overstimulates your senses, causing a dramatic parallel to the calm, serene environment.

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