His career will change [private]



After certain hours of sitting in the airplane he arrives at the airport. He get there with his manager and get their cases. After they got their cases they go to the cabs and get one.

"25th Brooklyn Street please"

The cabdriver start the car and drive away.

The nice ride with the cab endures long. A hour passes. The cab slows down and park his car at the side of the road. My manager pays and we walk inside a large building with our cases.

When we entered I saw the large hall. I follow the signs of Reception. Whe came there and waited in the line for the Receptiondesk. I noticed lots of hot girls and taught this would become a fine week. I also noticed a girl walking nearby I wink at her and she raises her skirt a bit. I couldn't do anything but my cock slowly raises a bit.

Then the woman behind the desk calls the next in line. We are. My manager walks to her. And I decided to take a look in the hall. I slowly walk through and get a place on one of the bences in the corner. I watch all the hot girls passing by.

OOC Notes

The Manager has planned to feminize the model. He already has the sizes of a female model. Therefore he thinks he have to think and become female. At first he can keep his penis and get through life like a female.

The manager can get also a charachter in the story, if you want. He can get the model to the right person and then leave forever. Maybe at the end he can be tricked by another girl and also get feminized as payback.