Mme et M Blush Arrive (Invitation)

Played by Miss Jaclyn Ros...
3 years 10 months ago



My sweet wife had me change clothes at our stop at LAX on our flight from Thailand. And emphasized that I had to wait until Las Vegas and our hotel there before I received my shots. In Vegas we took a limo from the airport to this hotel she found for us. On arrival, the driver lets us out and my sweet wife tells me to go ahead and check in. I mince up to reception, my feet hurting in the 150 mm heeled shoes and my body beginning to ache for the drug that keeps me looking this way.

  “Good afternoon young lady. Reservation for Mademoiselle and Monsieur Blush.”

I turn to look back at my wife. She is smiling as the driver brings in our luggage and stacks it on a cart.