Mistress Monique's School For Maids - Advanced Maid



The very last class that I for my students is both the easiest - and the most difficult. As maids, many times they will be required to be on hand as attendants for social events, and parties involving groups of people. This means that they will have to entertain in a variety of different ways, and be able to attend to more than one person at a time.
There stamina and their patience will be tested to the limits as these parties frequently involve a lot of alcohol and a lot of wild and irresponsible behavior. They must always be aware that regardless of what is happening they client's happiness is all that matters.
At times, things demeaning will occur and at times they may feel that their health and their life is in jeopardy, but that should not affect their behavior.
At this time, students are moved from their barracks room to an upscale bedroom which they are free to decorate at their own leisure AND they are given a funded debit card for all hotel shops so that they can shop for their cosmetics and clothing.
Students may choose their own wardrobe provided it is sexy and slutty. The maid outfit is only required when they are doing assignments or working. Also, students will be called upon to get involved with some of the junior class students to assist in their training and discipline.
This is the finishing school of Maid Training - therefore much of the responsibility will reside with the student. They will be always responsible for their behavior.
During assignments MUST be as provocative and slutty as possible.

Level 4 training is devoted to "Party Attendant Duties." This includes:

  1. Food Serving and Sexual Servicing
  2. Room Pickup and Bar Tending
  3. Posing as an Ashtray and as Furniture
  4. Under The Table Oral Sex
  5. Round Robin BJ's And Pussy Licking

My Maids at these parties must be willing to show as much tit and ass and panty as possible. This is where they will flaunt it!!!.

OOC Notes

OOC: Students will be given an assignment and must then post the activity with their own narrative and images. Be creative - and slutty as possible.