skirting the rules

Played by Bobbie Bentley
3 years 10 months ago



Ah Vegas, there is no place like it anywhere else in the world. Having just hit town, I find myself in need of a hotel. Conventions have most of the town booked solid but I find a place that looks promising. Hmm, Lacey Place Hotel and Casino. Why not, I need a room and they might have one.

I may be skinny and only 5'6" but I walk like I am 10 feet tall. I dress well with a beige sport coat and gray slacks. I stroll into the lobby and I am nearly drooling at the sight of pretty girls everywhere. If I can get pictures of even a fraction of these girls I will have uploads for my site for the next 6 months.

I walk up to the reception desk.

"Hi I'm Herb Wacker. I don't have a reservation, but I would like to book a room for a weeks stay."