Misdirections (Attn: Ms Hortense)

Played by Rosalyn Stark
3 years 10 months ago



Tyson looked around at the peculiar hotel, with its pink and white themed decor, female attendants seemingly everywhere. It seemed too good a dream to be true, The Lacy Place truly was a young man's paradise resort. Booking a room here based on the customer reviews was definitely going to be worth it by the looks of it, even if it was not as famous or glamorous as The Ritz.

His affluence shined through his choice of wardrobe, a fancy if casual suit that was obviously a designer brand. Hair combed and sleeked aside, pale complexion a sign of not having to be outside and do work. Tyson was indeed a silver spoon fed rich kid, yet more on the humble side than most of the snobs of his friends, even only in degrees.

However before he could book in, there was someone he was supposed to meet in the reception area. A Ms Hortense. Tyson was not entirely sure who the woman was or what business that he needed to handle with her, but his parents had insisted. Luckily they had provided him a photo for him to be able to recognize her. Twisting and turning his head, he tried to locate the woman in the mild crowd...