Sam's Wife Sends Him to Vegas

Played by prettyvapid
3 years 11 months ago



I walk through the front doors nervously, clutching the handle of the pink rolling suitcase behind me like my life depends on it. I scan the room fearfully, knowing that everyone here is in on my secret. They have to see it. It's obvious.

I push the paranoia out to the side, and start moving towards the check-in counter. No one is looking at me. No one can see the faint outline of a training bra through my shirt.

Each small step causes my satin panties to rub against my small pathetic 2" penis, and makes my pantyhose rub against the inside of my pant legs. The sensations are torture, but I keep moving forward, trying to appear as small as possible, trying to draw no attention to myself for fear that someone will see my secret.

How did I get myself into this mess? I mean, my wife, Barbra, has always been in charge. I was always too small and too weak for her to ever truly take me seriously. Barbra married me for my money, and we both knew it, but lately it's gotten a lot worse. She started forcing me to wear her used panties around the house. She bought me a matching nightie to wear in bed with her. And then she came back from one of her shopping trips with bras and makeup, just for me.

Last week, she told me that she was sending me on a vacation to Vegas, and that she'd take care of all the arrangements. I left for the airport dressed like this, barely hiding the feminine undergarments beneath my mannish clothes. The flight was nerve-wracking, and the cab ride was unbearable, but it was almost over. All I had to do was get to my room, and my feminine torture would be over.

I finish crossing the lobby, and reach the front desk, the swishing of my panties feeling great against my pert butt. "Umm... Excuse me..."