Looking for a Lucky Charm

Played by Kathryn Angel
3 years 11 months ago



John Publick always smiled, especially when he stepped past the bright lights near the entrance of the Lacy Place. He walked toward Reception, feeling certain that he'd win a stake in the casino within a few hours. The odds of winning at craps, at roulette, at cards, they all stirred in his mind. He was ready to play.

But why play alone?

Standing in front of the Receptionist, he gave a quick nod. "John Publick is the name, and I'm here to play. Why don't you call some cute sweetheart to hang on my arm while I play? If you want, you can call two." He pointed his gaze at the edge of the desk. "I'll wait here for her to get here."

OOC Notes

Jump in if you'd like to reshape John Publick into a proper Lacy Place Casino girl.