Penthouse suite 1a the home of Jacqueline and Anne Armstrong. Welcome.



Welcome to the home of Anne and Jacqueline and Snowflake the cat too.

The Original Tour given by Anne:

Welcome to our lovely home. Jacqueline and I love our home and we are always happy to welcome visitors.
Please respect privacy by knocking, Giggle.

The big and long entrance, is perfect, but please keep you eyes open, if our lovely small cat "Snowflake" didn't leave any toys on the floor. That can easily get a trap and we are not responsible for visitors, lying suddenly on the floor. :) :) :)

The dinning room. For dinner parties and meetings which requires a more private atmosphere as the office. When we are alone, we eat mostly in the kitchen or in front of the TV.

The heart of our lovely home. The living area with huge windows and a wonderful view over Las Vegas. A big TV and a projector with a huge screen for videos, can be started just by pressing a button. A small but high quality stereo, brings music over hidden speakers. A lovely place to relax and as well to meet our friends for a nice evening.

The kitchen. Very modern and as I like to cook sometimes, as much as Jacqueline, we use it a lot. For parties this is the place where we get the buffet delivered to. Giggle. We like to cook, but not always.

Well, no need to write a lot about that. Our bathroom.

The bedroom. Giggle. When the door is closed, it is closed. Everything what will happen behind that closed door, is separated in a different thread. A private thread. Private! Giggle.

The newest room we have, the PARTYROOM. Space enough for plenty of people and filled with the best wines and drinks of any kind. A Karaoke machine and a powerful stereo. Well, lets party.

Thank you for coming to our home.

Snowflake and her friend