Jared is Jaded (cancelled)

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Man, I am bored.

Here I am in the ass end of Vegas at some third rate casino. And why, because my bud Nick insisted that they had the best girls round. Well, I have to admit, the view can be pretty nice. Like that one there, in the skirt. But the whole gambling thing.... getting tiresome.

I've lost about 30 grand so far today, it doesn't matter. My dad might give me a lecture about squandering my potential or something, but I know he won't do anything to stop me. Nah, when you have enough money nothing can really touch you. A round of craps ends with snake eyes, my chips vanish. At least I can leave the table now, try to see if there's anything interesting.

I strike up a conversion with one of the workers here, typical Vegas ho. Fake from top to bottom and not even trying to pretend otherwise. We chat for a while, just some flirtation. It amuses me that the girls here really can't just walk away, they might be missing out on some money after all. Everyone's so nice as long as you have the money. It makes me wonder how far I could take it. Let's find out.

I stop Miss Tits in the middle of a sentence, a wicked thought in my mind.

"Look, let's stop pretending for a moment. What you're interested in is this." I reach into my wallet and pull out one thousand dollars in hundreds. She eyes the money, then looks up at me curiously. "The question is, how badly do you want it?" She looks appalled, but I notice she hasn't left. "Nothing much... how about getting on your knees and begging for it like a dog."

Ohhh, I like that flush of anger. "If you do, it's yours for free." I can see her thinking about it. After all, I'm sure she'd do worse. I add another grand. "Easy money, babe". Oh, wow, she's doing it. She lowers herself to her knees, right here in the casino. We get a few people looking at us, she is looking down at the floor, then with a bit of effort raises her hands like paws and opens her mouth. Such a pretty sight. I place the bills gently in her mouth and she closes her lips lightly over the wad, wouldn't want to smear her lipstick. "good girl", I say.

She gives me a look of pure hatred, but ehh. It's fun to see what people will do for money, how much they would be willing to put up with. Especially in Vegas where everything is fake, the pyramids, the plants, the tits and the smiles. I walk off to see if there's anything else interesting that I can do.

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