Tommy Checks In

Played by prettyvapid
3 years 11 months ago



Tommy knew all the rumors. He had been coming to Las Vegas once a year for almost his entire life. He had been to every dance club, brothel, strip club, cat house, burlesque, and show featuring scantily clad women that the city had to offer. All except one.

Tommy wasn't sure how he had missed The Lacy Place, but somehow he had. Once he learned about it, he asked around, and everyone he knew told him about the women employed there. All of them were gorgeous, and all of them were so eager to please. The women were apparently willing to do anything for one of the guests.

Tommy knew where he'd be staying on his next trip to Vegas.


Tommy carried his small blue suitcase, and stalked up to he reception desk. As he walked, his eyes roamed across the room from sexy ass to jiggling breasts, never straying long before settling on a new target. He smiled to himself. This weekend was going to be memorable.

Stopping at the counter, Tommy rang the bell loudly. "Hello. I have a reservation. My name is Tommy Cash."