You can write a diary or blog for each of your characters here in Lacy, which will be displayed on the Diaries tab. This is a good way to write down your character's thoughts and feelings about the things that are happening to them, to keep your storyline organized if you have multiple threads going on, and just write down anything else your character wants to say.

Notice that these diaries are for Characters, not the real-life Players - you can always set up a thread on the Main site if you want to tell us about the real you.

To create a new diary entry, click Diary Entry on the right side of the Lacy Place Home Page, or click Add a Diary Entry on the Diaries page:

  • You must give your entry a Title and select which Character you want to use.
  • You can also add an image if you wish (just click the Browse button to select an image from your computer, then hit Upload to add it to your post).
  • You can also type in a short phrase to represent your character's Current Mood if you wish.
  • Finally, you just need to fill in the Body, which is the main text of your entry. See the Post Formatting FAQ if you want to add special effects to it.
  • Once you're done, click Preview to check it over, and Save to publish it on the site.

To see all your Diary entries in one convenient place, click My account on the right side of the Lacy Place Home Page. Then click View recent blog entries on the page that appears. Similarly, if you go to any other player's profile page, you'll see the same link to view their diary. Furthermore, if you've decided to view a particular diary entry on its own, perhaps via the Diaries tab, you'll also see links to take you to the author's full set of diary entries.

You can leave comments on people's diaries as well if you wish, as you'll see from the text box at the bottom of each entry. It's similar to replying to a story - only in this case you're not interacting with the Character as such, you're just giving an opinion on what they've written. It's like a blog really - if a post makes a point you want to respond to, you can discuss it, and the author of the diary can reply to you if they choose to do so. So please be respectful.