Players - Profiles & Settings

To access your own Lacy account details, click My account on the right-hand side of the Lacy Place Home Page.

To see the profile of another user, click the Player name - not a Character's name - anywhere in Lacy.

Either way, you'll see two tabs of information for all players, including yourself:

  • View - Contains the most important information, including the chips that player has earned, a link to their diary/blog entries, a link to send the player a Private Message, and a list of each person's Characters (click on the image of each character to see more info on them). You'll also see a link to that user's central account page on our Main site - for more about that, see the Account Information FAQ over on the Main site.
  • Track - Displays a list of all the threads the user has been involved in. Just click a link to see the thread.

In addition, for your own profile only, you'll have a few extra options:

  • Amount of Force Preferred - Some people want little/no force, while others want a lot of it. By default, your account will be set to 'a little' - but you can change it to A Lot by using the link here. Your choice will affect some of the content you see around Lacy - e.g. the tasks suggested in each location - so that the game is customised just for you. You'll always see everyone's story threads though.
  • Edit Tab - Here you can turn Private Messages on or off, and set your time zone. Other basic information for your account (username, password, email address, etc) is only editable via your Main site profile, which you can access via the View tab.
  • Chips Tab - Displays information about the Chips that you've earned by posting in the Stories area.