les is sent to the Lacy Place 'To Be Dealt With'

Played by Charlotte
3 years 12 months ago



Unwillingly, I enter the imposing gates of the Lacy Place, passing the scrutiny of a bored, but very tough-looking security man, and walk up to the Reception Desk.

In my hand I have the sealed envelope, which the Boss-Lady at the Sports Centre said I was to hand in, in which she put a letter which, she said, would tell them all they needed to know about me.

My mind is in a whirl, thinking back over how I come to be here.

It's not fair. I didn't mean any harm. I just got mixed up, in the Sports Centre, and found myself in the Girls' changing room. I never meant to go there.

And, I was confused - all the things there looked - strange, unfamiliar. Brightly coloured clothes, hanging on pegs, and in lockers. I couldn't help touching them. The materials felt so soft, and nice against my skin.

I don't know how those - things - got in my pocket. I wasn't aware of picking them up, honestly.

Anyway, when the boss lady came in, I couldn't think straight for a moment - just stood, and stammered, and blushed.

She said, if I were still under-age, she could have dealt with it. But now, since my birthday, I was legally grown-up, so now it was either the Police, or a place she knew where they would know how to 'deal with' people like me.

Well, I couldn't risk the Police - not after that incident with the washing on the line ... That was another accident. Really, it was.

So, I chose her 'alternative'.

I had to wait in her office while she made a couple of phone calls, then she wrote this letter, sealed it, and told me I must present it here, at Reception, and that they would know what to do with me.

So, I wait till someone comes .................