The Lacy Place Clinic - Doctor Jenny Tang



Wishing to serve the wonderful girls of The Lacy Place, I secure permission from Lacy Management to open a clinic in the unused lower level offices of The Lacy Place.

Here, the able staff and I will offer services to the girls, including, but not limited to, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Breast Implant and Sex Reassignment Surgery. Everyone will be welcome and all services will be performed free of charge.

Bill Armstrong of Armstrong Construction and his crew have agreed to remodel the spaces and to install all the office and medical equipment donated and funded by Mr Kirk Kerkorian in honor of his Grandson John Kirk.

I walk into the spacious office and waiting room, with the adjoining changing room and toilet facilities to take a look. I am very pleased, it's comfortable and utilitarian. I hang my credentials behind my desk and then look up at the plaque.

The Lacy Place Clinic.

I then proceed to the adjoining Surgical Operating Room. The state of the art room and equipment takes my breath away. Mr Kerkorian spared no expense to provide a wonderful facility for those we will help.

Next I peek inside one of our half dozen examination rooms. All well equipped and well lit.

I then pass through the lounge and conference room where we can meet with patients in a comfortable and relaxing setting.

I then return to my office and sit back at my desk to await a page from my office manager and capable girl Friday, Penelope.