Jaime gambles more than he bargained for ... (open to all)



Looking around I have to admit that I am impressed, most of the other Casinos I'd seen in Vegas were immensely tacky but this had a certain elegance ... perhaps a little overstated but impressive nonetheless.

I walk across the polished marble floor towards the reception desk, noting with interest a veritable flock of impressive beauties adorning this main atrium, each more gorgeous than the next. I'm mystified as to how this place could have gathered so many beauties in one place, they're virtually walking wet dreams.

I approach the desk and subtly adjust my cuffs, brushing a little dust off my silver cufflinks and making sure my tailored jacket is sitting well across my lithe form. I pride myself on my appearance, I'm in damned good shape, if I say so myself and I enjoy the effect that I have on suggestible women.

The desk seems to be manned ... although that's not quite the right word ... by a single brunette beauty apparently called Kimmie Kysscok. The name is a little difficult to believe but I don't question it.

I lean forward and say,

"I'm Mr Hart, Jaimie Hart, I believe you have a reservation for me?"

OOC Notes

Looking to slowly start Jamie's journey to servitude and femininity.