Characters - NPCs (Non-Player Characters)

The Stories drop-down menu takes you to various locations within Lacy. And on the home page for each location, you'll notice a few NPCs - Non-Player Characters. We've created these NPCs for general use, so they're not exclusively written by one particular player. They're designed to introduce you to each area, suggesting optional tasks and stories that you can get involved with. You can ignore them and play your own way if you prefer.

The NPCs you see will depend on how much force you prefer. To select this:

  1. Go to the Lacy Place Home Page and click My Account on the right.
  2. Under Amount of Force Preferred, you'll be offered the chance to switch your force level:
    • If you choose A Little, you'll see NPCs who are generally nice to you, using little/no force.
    • If you choose A Lot, you'll see NPCs who focus more on the forced side of things.

In any case, when you see an NPC listed for a location, you can click their name or image to see their profile, and the tasks they've created. Clicking a task will take you to a page with more detailed instructions, and you can play along by posting replies. Have a look at what other players are doing if you're not sure how to play.

You're also very welcome to interact with and talk about these characters in your own stories. Sometimes it's necessary and/or fun to have an extra person involved, even if it's only for one or two posts. Just make it clear that you're writing as the NPC rather than yourself - either by writing the character's name at the top of your post, or adding a copy of the NPC to your own character list.

Please Note: The NPCs are for everyone to use, so please do not change them beyond the description provided, else you'll destroy the character for others. Just use them as provided, there's lots you can do with them!