A Little Help (private)

Played by Luzette
4 years 2 days ago



I smile as I see the ‘football helmet’ of hair that I have strapped to your scalp: “Nikita: our new employee is big enough, get the weighted ‘D’ cups, s’il vous plait.” I take a seat to the left of your chest while my Assistant rolls over a trolley and sits to your right side.
I spread more of the adhesive on as Nikita un-wraps your new chest appliances:

We then carefully place these heavy prosthetics on your chest, securing them with strips of surgical tape. You can see all of this happening to you through the ceiling monitor: “When you eventually move, you will notice that the breasts, they are weighted below the center. That means that they will jiggle and shimmy on their own quite readily as you walk or try to balance on tottering high heels. Being the girl, it will take some getting used to, oui.”