Time for some R&R

Played by sylviekat
4 years 2 days ago



Karl steps out of the Taxi and enters the lobby of the Lacy Place. He is a very fit man, brown hair cut very short. As he steps in the lobby he removes his Oakley Gargoyle sun glasses in the pocket of the Slate Grey polo shirt. The pocket has a Griffen clutching a shield and the Name Aegis Security Services in a semi-circle around the logo. He looks at his Tag Hauer watch to check the time and looks around. The girl at reception desk definitely is one of the more beautiful he has seen in a very long time. He reaches in the pocket of his Dark Blue 511 style Cargo pants, and hefts his duffle bag over his shoulder and walks purposely to the reception desk.

Hello, I have a reservation under Hansen. He waits for the clerk to respond while admiring the other eye candy in the immediate area.

OOC Notes

Karl Hansen is a very fit man in his late thirty's he is a veteran of the Gulf war conflict and now works as a private security contractor. Think black water but without the baggage. He is between assignments and was given a tip the Lacy place is the bomb.
However he has heard some rumors regarding other more kinky or taboo goings on and wants to check them out.

Ultimate goal for the character is to be feminized however at first he will be very resistant even though deep down this exactly what he wants, just does not know it yet.