Lance comes to Lacy

Played by honey
4 years 3 days ago



I stride confidently across the lobby. As I take in my surroundings, I'm amazed at the amount of good looking girl flesh on display. Of course, if the stories I'd heard were true, many of the girls I was seeing weren't actually girls.

Not that that really mattered to me. What had brought me here were the tales that were told about the pleasure to be had here. I'd been told that everyone who had gone through their program was a world class cock sucker and an incredible fuck beside whether they had two holes or just one for the fucking.

Well, I'd find out soon enough. I reach the desk and give the receptionist a good look. If she's got something extra tucked in her panties, I certainly can't tell.

"I'm Lance Spearman. You should have a reservation on file for me."