Trick or treat-open

Played by Ashley Bell
8 months 1 week ago



The salon girl invite to part I a little experiment- they testing all sort of cosmetics and dyes.

"With Halloween come up we want to be ready to give the girls sexy exotic looks./

I agree to take part= I strip and the start to work their magic on me= I I stand still as this dark colored dye is sprayed on me. and then hey dye my raven. black..
After they blow dry me I put on the cute costume they have pick out for me./ After they redo my make They led me to the mirror "Take a good look Ashley.

They giggle Oh Ashley you look so pretty- you're Halloween model.

I smile " I always loved Princess Jasmine/ Being he for a awhile will be fun."

Stunned about what I look like.

One of the salon girls tells me "Ashley you are our walking billboard. he other girls will be so impressed with your new look."