Victor finds an old lover.

Played by Kyra
8 months 1 week ago



Hostile takeover number four in my pocket. Been out of college less than three years and now I work for an acquisitions firm, and those boys know how to play hard, just like me... Though the president was a frat brother from the same fraternity as me, so I guess that makes sense...

This last acquisition was a major win for us, and the boss gave me a two week vacation as a reward to celebrate. I planned a trip to vegas. I posted on social media... and two days before my flight, I get a friend request from.. Stephy? After the way she walked in on me with those two sorority sisters her freshman year, and the awkward dumping in the middle of the campus I thought she'd never talk again.

Admittedly there was some nostalgia, I mean that girl was so submissive, she would do anything. I remember one of the brothers telling me to get them young, and they will do anything for you, and he was right, she was a brand new freshman, and I was a popular senior in a frat and a bit of a star on the football team. And there she was, that freshman gill with no friends, so quiet, but she had a great rack... And she was putty in my hands... Then the two girls... we broke up, I heard from a friend she was joining a sorority her sophomore year, but I had already graduated by then, and didn't really care.

Well I accepted her friend request, she saw i was going to spend some time in Las Vegas and suggested I visit her at 'The lacy Place,' I wonder if she's been stalking me, but whatever, she's got even hotter.

I signed into my hotel friday night. Saturday night I took a cab to the The lacy place, and had to sign in at their guest reception just to o to the night club behind the hotel. Weird, but they had an impressive amount of security, probably becasue of all the scantily clad chicks... Maybe I should have have stayed here...

I arrive at the club.. and holy shit there are some hotties here. I walk up to the bar and order a coke. I don't want to get drunk tonight, keep my wits about me. i look at the dance floor to see plenty of tits and ass swaying to the music, wondering if Stephy will actually show up.