Donna getting ready for work

Played by andie Tiffany
8 months 2 weeks ago



I had a woken up from my nap from my deep beautiful sleep I got myself ready by getting to my waitress uniform putting it on a chair I grabbed my panties stockings wake up and left it on the chair I went into the bathroom where I slide open the glass door and stepped inside to the tub once I was in the tub I got my bar of soap ready and I turn on the shower tile to the warmest temperature the Water started spraying on my boobs. Shampoo and conditioner all over my hair I begin putting shower and conditioner all over my head. Over my beautiful hair and I use the water to spray it off my hair cool warm shower and my body was tingling and excitement. Just stepping out of the shower I got my beautiful towel and drive my whole body off once I was completely dry I slipped into my waitress uniform. I begin retouching up my makeup putting on beautiful mascara eyeshadow lip gloss lipstick my red whore metal nails.