Learning to smile (a triggered mass-bimbofication thread, lots welcome)

Played by MistressDyvia
8 months 1 week ago



Look at all these darlings, I say to myself as I look over the auditorium. Not nearly full, but there are a couple dozen attendees taking my happiness seminar... I see a few patrons, a couple men and women, a few of the girls that work here, I wonder if they are here of their own free will or ordered here? A couple managers thinking they will sit in and observe...

Everyone here will be affected... they will find themselves full-on bimbos one night a week... or more if I trigger them... well until I give them the cure, if I give them the cure...

Hello everyone, I just wanted you all to know, I'm glad to have you all in attendance... We are about to get started. I am lady V and this seminar is going to be fairly brief, but I promise you all, that when we are done, you will all leave here with smiles.

With that I press a button on the remote and every attendee is stabbed in the ass with a needle, and just as quickly finds themselves relaxing.

OOC Notes

Of course, anyone is welcome, this is going to create an alternate personality for your character, as well as an alternate body of sorts that can be verbally triggered. As you can expect from the title of this thread, this alt will be a bimbo, you know, busty, blond, dumb, and ready as ever to please.

That being said, I give everyone 72 hours to post there intros. I expect you to say why you are taking this seminar, and of course your reaction to getting the needle point in your ass, and your inability to get concerned about it... Once we start, same thing, there wont be much interaction, but I expect you to react. Expect an update every 24-48 hours as this thread is 90% written already (I have witten it all, but expect a few things to be customied to my audience).

Kisses, and welcome to all.