Tyrone's Return

Played by Tyrone
8 months 2 weeks ago



Two years.

It has been two full years since Tyrone last visited The Lacy Place. His last visit was one filled with pleasure, excitement, and eroticism. He has returned for what he hopes to be an extended stay.

Dressed in a tailored navy suit and white button down, Tyrone parks his car and steps in the front door.
He closes the door behind him and takes in the atmosphere.

This place hasn't changed a bit....that's very good.

Tyrone then walks toward the front desk to check in.

Without looking up, he says to the girl at the desk, "My name is Tyrone. Book me a room. It's been a long journey, I will need a Lacy Girl dressed in one of those slutty maid's dresses. Thank you."

OOC Notes

I am a dominant looking to play again here at Lacy. I would prefer to play with a character that is still "transitioning" into becoming a proper Lacy girl. I like to see the former male struggle with his transition and the new found duties that being a Lacy girl requires. :)