Alan checks in

Played by delicate flower...
8 months 2 weeks ago



Alan arrives infront of the hotel in an Uber, thanking the driver as he leaves he walks into the lobby of the hotel.

Dressed in a navy suit, with short brown hair and brown eyes. He is tall and fit, not too muscular but still in great shape. He has thick-framed glasses that make him look older and more mature, and he hopes they'll help him as he looks for jobs. Glasses make you look smarter, he thinks to himself.

Looking around the room, he takes in the layout and design of the building for a moment before making his way to the front desk.

Looking at the cute girl working, he thinks about flirting with her but chokes up, stammering as he speaks.

"H-hello, I'd like, uh, to get a, um, room please. If it's available I mean"

He laughs nervously, trying to play it cool.