Luda comes to visit

Played by Mimi
8 months 2 weeks ago



I was here long ago and would like to start again.
Luda is a girl in her late 20s who thought she had met the guy of her life, the one she would be with till old age but she had a rude awakening. They were married and she had included his name on all of her accounts before the wedding which turned out to be a big mistake since he quickly withdrew all her money leaving her penniless. She realized this when she woke up in the hotel room the morning after their wedding night alone still wearing the sexy mini dress she got married in. No ID, no money and no way home as her air ticket was also missing. Looking back she should have seen the signs, he had talked her into giving up her apartment lease and moving in with her along with other signs.

Looking around the room she saw no trace of him so she decided to slip on her 5" heels from the night before and head down to the front desk for help.

OOC...Luda is someone that loves sex which is how she got to where she is now. I would like her put in a chastity belt and put to work in the casino or a bar to pay off what she owes for her room.

Hello, could I get some help please?"