Seeking work

Played by lilou_kitten
8 months 2 weeks ago



To go on holiday with my ex girlfriend wasn't a good idea at all.
Of course it was nice to spend time with a girl who knows the ropes...and accurately here the disaster began.
I was a blithering idiot to trust her just for a second.
After that second or maybe even an hour I was drunk, drugged and intoxicated with sweetly whispered suggestions.
She had always known what to do to put me completely under her spell and at this time I wasn't even confused about all these cute little lockable "toys" in her luggage.
At first she tied my hands behind my back and then she slowly started teasing me with her voice, her nails, her breasts and just a few minutes later she gently pushed her wet panty and her beloved blow up penis gag in my mouth.
I was lost in an ocean of perverted pleasures and at that moment she started teasing me on an other level.
Five minutes later she suggested to dress me in the whole outfit and I couldn't imagine anything better...

Yes and now two days later I'm still locked.
A really really tiny chastity belt at most 1 inch tube length but with a five times longer urethral plug almost close to my bladder. My beloved rubber punishment corset with attached garter belt, neck corset, enema plug and a lot of new small, but surprisingly solid locks.
Her lasts words before departure were just "You always wanted to be hold in exactly this outfit.
You should thank me on your knees for using the enema plug and breathable gag.
And to your pacification the keys are irrevocable lost except the ones for gag and plug, so you are able to make some money for your new owners..
I've thrown the other ones down the cliff into the ocean, so say goodbye to manhood, your previous life and of course free will, you little sissy cunt!
Before I leave you forever, you should know that I sold you to the cheapest, dirtiest hotel I found....on the other side of the island of course.
You have to walk straight along this street just four or five miles...
You'll recognize that your getting closer when you pass their electronic fence, I think the first time you'll just get a little greeting slapp...but if you ever try to bunk off..Oh those sweet understood...nice little cutie. And it was a fun to fulfill all your dreams. Bye bye"
And then she left...
I sat down as best as I could and cried unable to fully understand or just realize my situation.
But my self-pity was abruptly disturbed when I experienced the first electric pulse...and thanks to the urethral plug I experienced the "little greeting slap" everywhere in my abdomen.
Totaly freaked out of this intense pain I slowly started walking along the street...mayby a minute later I got the second shock and began to run as fast as I could...with every meter towards my new life the intensity decreases and after I passed the gate the painfull shocks has morphed into a gently oscillating, really exiting stimulation between my chastity cage and thoughts vanished and i slowly started playing with my plug and moaned quietly into my gag..
Suddelny I experienced a whole new level of shock and fell down on hands and knees unable to stand any more.
Then a hand appeared in my sight and locked a chain to my collar bevore I could even try to look up I got blindfolded and was harshly pulled towards the house. But exactly at the moment I stopped touching myselfe the nice stimulation began and again all my thoughts became totaly insignificant.
After a few minutes walking on the leash I had to kneel down and was allowed to see again...the front of an old reception desk.