They Don't make it Easy Being Queen (open)

Played by PuppetMistress
6 months 2 weeks ago



From Tokyo, to London, to Rome, Paris, New York, L.A and everywhere in between I've been there done that seen this stolen that and made enough money to last a thousand lifetimes and the number of men I've snake charmed into being my patsies and puppets to do my bidding promising them this that and the other thing if they do such and such for me only to get what I want and leave them with nothing but tears and a broken heart in the end is countless...

Now I am semi-retired from the life and want to live my life straight with my money and the best way to do so is with a NEW job and I'm choosing to be A Casino Manager particulum with the Lacy Place Casino.

So I on my pink Harley with eyelashes on the headlights which close down to look like eyes as I cut it off and head in enter the place and ring for service