Slave Harem Auction (open)

Played by sissyfit
6 months 3 weeks ago



It was a dream come true.
Honestly, a dream too GOOD to be true. Four weeks of being dressed in the finest silks, learning to dance like a harem girl and to serve without question. Harem Girl Bootcamp... here i CUM! Silly me, i thought this was just a game made for those strange effeminate boys that liked to play dress up. Never knowing i would be trapped in this bizarre Shangri-La-La world where i would not be able to escape from.

The Foreign Investors have made siSSyFit~Boi a part of their PERMANENT concubine of Harem Bondage Slaves... They have looked for a very long time for such a boi to turn into a cocksucking SheMale property. Once only the properity of powerful sultans and sold at slave auctions as far back as the early Ottoman empire. For a limited time this one can be yours.
i hear my owners announce.

OOC Notes

The WOMEN at the Lacy Place always finds this role reversal rather amusing and even tempted to purchase such a creature for themselves.