Let down at the Bar (private)

Played by Saramon
8 months 4 weeks ago



It been a very bad week, he had started the week chatting to his best mate about how he wanted to marry Chloe the love of his life.
But on Tuesday he came home early to find his best mate in bed with his girl!!

Doug was shocked on the Wednesday he had planned to take Chole on a trip to Las Vegas. But instead he has spent the Tuesday night arguing with the people he had cared for in the entire world.

As it got close to 4am Doug lost his temper telling them to go Fuck themselves. He grab his suitcase and left for the airport.

He slept most of the journey. Only waking for food.
Customs was a blur, all he could think about was Dave and Chloe.
He checked in to the motel and had wandered about until he had come to the club.
Which was were he was sat now,. Staring at the pint infront of him.