donna waitressing at the burger place

Played by andie Tiffany
9 months 3 days ago



I walked in in my waitress uniform I had gotten extra waitressing job thanks to my Jacqueline

I walked in with a smile on my face

i grabbed the helm of my uniform with my metal whore red nails

i put my head down and i put my left leg on top of my right dipping and sliding

i give courteous bow

tipping my sun hat down

i say curtseys fine gentleman i go by

the name donna welcome to lacy place,

casino burgers where each

bite makes you feel like a winner ill be your dinner hostess ready to serve your

food may i please take your order here are your menus

the fine gentleman say
wow that curtsey was
something donna lets see what will order

whats speaking

to me

the pastrami burger with fries i see that it comes

with a extra salad so ill have a pastrami burger

with fries and a salad ill have the thousand island dressing and large cherry chocolate cola

in my head i say thank you Jacqueline for getting me this job and thank you for training me to speak properly

[=blue]your order is as follows

a pastrami burger with fries and salad with thousand

island and a large cherry chocolate cola here my

good man is a ticket i shall call you when your order is ready you are number 69 /color]

i smiled at the customer fluttering my eye lashes

300 x300

i head to kitchen and i fry up the potatoes making them into French fries

i scoop them up putting them in paper fries case

after i work on pastrami burger with the works
and side of cole slaw and jalpenoies

300 x300

after making sure everything was made to perfection
i put it a special tray and i hand it to the customer then i head back and get his large cherry chocolate cola

i walked back with his food and i placed it the table he smiles and i smile back at him

he hands me money an d extra tip for me
i thank him

i smile at him again he lands a huge wet one on my lips and pulls away i sigh and see my friend Jacqueline

i give my friend Jacqueline a big hug