Mistress Kathryn's Posture and Etiquette class [Invite Only please]

Played by Kathy lynn
1 month 1 day ago



All students must read before interning


When most think of posture what do they think, the proper way to stand or sit and walking
Well yes! How did they get to have perfect posture? by hard work that's how... My sissy's , girls will see the many ways to get perfect posture...
[]Basic posture- Curtsy...Setting posture...Speaking posture.... Body language posture with out speaking...Daily exercises...How to keep perfect posture oh top....How to keep perfect posture while giving head[/]


When our sissy's girls graduate they will be refined proper and graceful, Always saying May I....Again there is more to Etiquette then you think but not to worry I am here to teach our students who will be turned into the elite maids..

The ten Etiquette Rules....Proper way to set a table...Proper way to drink out of a cup...Proper way to crawl under a table...Porter way to set on a lap...