Sissy Slut! Mistress Pandora takes OUT her New Collared Sissy! [OPEN]

Played by Lydia
9 months 10 hours ago



I`d spent my last few Hours with my Mistress! Until not many hours before, I hadn`t had one! ~Frown

Plucked en-route [escaping] through the Red Light District, it hadn`t taken her long to Procure my Sissy Arse, Break me In & Collar me! I`d been someone else before but now I was her Loyal Frilly, Sissy Subject & she had my Devotion!

In the Prissy Pink Dress she had bid I wear, in Chastity as was her will, with Faithfulness i follow at her side as we made our way to the Ballrooms of the Lacy Place.

She was dressed every inch the Goddess that she was! Encased in harshness & with a sometimes temperament that went beyond that. Her catsuit clung to all her assets, Arousing me to heights but I wilted in my gelded cage.

Just WHO would see us out, WHOM would stop us for interaction & how MANY Patrons would my Mistress make me Serve, for her insatiable sense of humiliating Pleasure!

I feel my Knee`s tremble but I LOVED my Mistress! She was the World to me now!

My Lord, all these Frills & Bows! ~Blush

OOC Notes

*Here to be Used & Abused! Just Ask my Mistress First! LOL*