[⌂] Lexi's apartment. (Invite Only)



Lexi's Introduction can be Read: *Here*


Heading from the OC we call in at the Lacy EHHQ and pick up Lexi's Key Card for her new apartment.

Enter the Block and up a few flights of Stairs.

Pass some potted plants in the hall way and we're outside her door.

- Well Lexi, here you've your Key Card.

I stand in the front of the door and look deep in her incredible blue eyes.

- Are you going to invite me in or what?

Hope Lexi don't have a grudge to me, first because i had 'relations' with her former wife (Mandi) in front of her at the OC, and then she becomes Lexi as she's now.
Well, it's all her fault, noone ask her to loose so much money at the Casino, and her wife (now former wife) don't want to pay her debt. Also she owe the seven days of the Room at the Hotel and 10 bucks to Lucy, the taxi driver, where she wanted to escape from the Casino. To make it clear, Lexi needs to work to pay a debt of u$s 100,520.-
Mandi decided that Lexi would be a waitress to pay her debt, and therefore, i gave her a waitress uniform so she can begin to work asap.

Pull out my cell(phone) and do a few SMS to the other girls and the Welcome Committee..