A picture worth millions

Played by Willow
7 months 1 day ago



Not for the first time in my life I cursed being small and slender. I'd been put forward because I was thin. Walter can do it, he's scrawny.

The rumor had come into Papa-nation that Holli Howles was going to be going to a show at a Vegas hotel. Not just any show, but the Daemon Brides. The Brides were a heavy fetish goth burlesque show all things that squeaky clean Holli 'wasn't into' Just as she 'wasn't' lesbian, 'wasn't' into BDSM, latex, leather or any perversity.

It was the duty of Papa-nation to 'out' her. And of cause sell the pictures for a fortune.

Once it had been decided that I was to attend I was given the bad news, 'Women only'

So I'd spent two months growing out my hair, I'd got piercings, lip filler. Two hours had been spent weaving extensions into my hair so that it now flowed over my shoulders. I looked at myself in a mirror, heavy dark makeup, black lipstick. A ruby red lip ring and a sparkling nose stud.

And the standard uniform for all Daemon Brides fangirls, a wedding dress.

I slipped the think rimmed glasses on, my finger brushed the button on them that would turn the camera.

I headed into reception with a ticket in the name of Willow Spellforge. I fingered the choker around my neck as I headed to the door.

Once I was in there I just had to get close to Holli, get compromising pictures and get out.

OOC Notes

I think it would be fun if Lacy decided that it needed its own Daemon Bride show girl once thay catch Walter.