Training the HOTEL staff

Played by sissyfit
9 months 5 days ago



I was immediately notified that the "subject" has arrived. I checked the dossier and sure enough this is the one who's girlfriend had dropped off here. It's obvious the poor soul had no idea what his girlfriend had planed for him, they seldom do. If I understand correctly She intends to indulge him this way as a cure. In the attempt by Feminizing him utterly that his masculinity would finally rebel and she'll walk away with a man again. Come to think of it spending the next 24/7 in complete Female attire and made to act and behave like a member of the opposite sex might just have that effect.
I told the lady at the desk have him go around the back of the Hotel to the "Maid's Entrance". I watch the girlfriend accompany him in the hopes he might decide to back out of this fool's mission. But to no avail he was determent to to discover what life is like as a sissy maid. She told him she would be there to rescue him if he wanted out and kissed him good-by for this is as far as she can go. So, he enters the dark corridor until he came to a door labeled as the...

OOC Notes

For those who read and enjoy the book "The HOTEL" by Deborah Ford this is a spinoff on the theme. A strong dominating Female character forcefully transforming a gullible sissy boy who thinks this is all a "game". But when his girlfriend fails to rescue him at the end of the week... fantasy beCUMs all too REAL!!!