Jake takes the Train {Private}

Played by Luzette
9 months 5 days ago



I’ve settled into my private compartment on this business-class train from L.A. to Vegas so I walk over to the almost empty dining car, take a seat and begin to spread out my work.

I have a lot of clients with their various, unreasonable demands but Lacy Place does offer a generous finder’s fee for the gullible guy looking for adventure. ~hee ~hee So I take out my new ‘bait’ and place it carefully on the table in easy sight of the aisle:

Isn't that is the sexiest tube of lipstick you've ever seen. If a single guy were to pass by, see it and want to chat with me, then maybe he’ll be interested in what it looks like inside the tube. ~hee ~hee So I gloss up my lips, dab some oily perfume inside my breasts, rub them together and see if I get a guy to nibble.