Too Hot To Handle (private, invitation maybe)

Played by Yuhana Scott
7 months 1 week ago



Sometimes girl have to work hard for the money. I have ask some of my friends.. all actually to keep their ears open, if someone need dance tutoring and have money to pay for that. First thought to put some advertise here and there in Lacy hotel and casino, but come to my senses. What would management think of that.. Ex-lacy gurl doing her own business in here, without paying anything to Casino?

Some ideas are born dead.

I hope word get a around and not go to wrong ears.. like Management and security..few weeks already passed and none come. Let's face it Yu. None will come.

Maybe they just not find their way in here? Oh yea.. just wishful thinking. Don't worry Yu.. just keep yourself fit.. and desireable then you survive.. like always.

Look at myself on the big mirror in the wall as I do some training routines. Should do new number to Hellfire.. but my mind is blank. Not a single thought of what can I new number.

Wave and grin to security camera. Wonder if anyone looking?
Stop doing routine.
Did I hear something from the hallway? I look at the door..

Defenitelly hear steps coming closer..