Rock is in for a real Shock (open)

Played by Bandjoe
7 months 1 week ago



As a certified Master Electrician and possessing all the technical skills necessary to fix or repair any electrical device, I have been dispatched to the High Fashion Mall located downstairs of the Lacy Place Hotel to repair a flickering Light fixture that shones across a 12' tall High Hell sculpture. "This I got to see". With my small tool pouch with Electrician pliers, multi meter tester and electrical tape I enter the front lobby and find no signs to the Mall. I see Elevators but no information which floor it may be on. After spending much time walking around the lobby, I spot a very attractive young lady with a clip board in her hand.
I lightly speak and say Excuse me there ma'am can you please help me? PM to participate

OOC Notes

On a one way journey to feminism. Once downstairs there is no turning back.