Some me time



"Sorry honey ... I will see you tomorrow night" Alex sounded a bit distraught over the news his wife's flight had been cancelled. He looked at his phone as a smile crossed his face upon looking around.

"My gawd this casino has more sexi women then Vegas. What is a man to do?" He smiled approaching the desk.

He approached the desk waiting his turn.

"Yes a reservation for the Longwell's" He spoke to the woman on the other side of the desk. "I believe my wife made the reservation in her name .. a suite would be perfect ... also I would like a personal line of credit at the casino."

Alex wanted to keep his gambling to himself as he was well aware his wife frowned upon his game play. Not that she was against gambling, she enjoyed a good bet, yet Alex was a terrible gambler.

OOC Notes

Looking for someone to help me begin my journey.

Alex appears and comes across as dominant, yet behind the door he is quite submissive.