Red Dragon Institute- Lisa’s Descent Begins- "Girls Night Out"



Lisa, a middle class suburban housewife, thinks she is living the American dream until she discovers one day that her husband has been cheating on her with a hot Latina co-worker. Crushed by his infidelity she cleans out what’s left of the husband’s bank account, packs a single suitcase and travels to the Lacy Hotel for a round of “revenge gambling”. Her plan, rather foolishly conceived, consists merely of wagering every dime she's taken with no concern for the consequences. If she blows it all, she leaves her husband broke (or so she thinks). If she wins she’s set herself up for life. But we all know the odds are in the House’s favor.

“Luckily” for her, before her foolhardy plan to “beat the house” can be put into affect she meets Bian Pham, the Manager of the Red Dragon Institute. After a little conversation Bian convinces the distraught woman to reconsider by pointing out the obvious. If her ex loses she loses. Not only will she be penniless and homeless but she might also land in legal trouble for having stolen her husband’s money. Bian offers Lisa a job as her PA and a chance to leave her old life behind and become a “new woman”. Lisa gratefully accepts her benefactor’s offer.

Having now gained her new employee’s trust Bian suggests to Lisa that the best way to turn the page on the past is to get a “new look”. “Nothing drastic of course” Bian assures her and gets her PA to agree, albeit reluctantly, to a modest makeover; a slight boob and butt job in order to put a few curves onto an otherwise slim frame. She’s also to get a new hair color and a ”little bit of warmth” added to her pale complexion. When Lisa expresses concern about having to “undergo the knife” Bian informs her new employee the whole process will take but a day and be absolutely painless with no recovery period, thanks to some new technology the Institute owns.

Lisa agrees, is brought to the Institute’s Lab the next day, is sedated and undergoes the procedure. Unbeknownst to her, the “new technology” involves injecting her with a dose of nanobots which will not only produce the physical results she’s agreed to but also alter “her way of thinking” about things past, present and future.

Once Lisa wakes up from the treatment she’s brought to the Recovery Room where she gets a chance to evaluate her new look. For the most part she’s pleased, although a bit unhappy with the tone of her new complexion (almost Latina) which she associates with the hussy who stole her husband.

But, the procedure complete, Lisa gets to work at her new job and after several days of stellar performance Bian “decides” to give her a night off and to treat her and the Institute’s Receptionist, Jia Lu to a “Girl’s Night Out”. With Lisa having been sheltered from typical Lacy Life one can only imagine what effect exposing her to the general population of the Lacy Hotel will have on those nanobots circulating inside her system.

The thread is “Open to All” who want to help Lisa on her journey………..