officer Kelly bundy demoted to patrol dog

Played by andie Tiffany
9 months 2 weeks ago



I was called in to the office I was told to sit down

I heard them say it's come to our attention that you let officer Marilyn Monroe take the girl that should have been yours ,, now we let you tell us your excuse Officer Kelly bundy

you see she was in my hold but officer marliyn Monroe over powered me

we heard enough you don't seem to be taken your job seriously so it pains us to say this but you are demoted

demoted ? You mea fired am I going to be without a job

They say you are being sent to police station kennels you are going to be a puppy a dog . Now turn in your uniform and your badge .you are a dog .

I get nude and hand my uniform and my badge
I get escorted away to the police kennels

I get pushed to the floor .forced to walk on all fours

I'm pouting and I'm shoved in to a doggy cage *
I was dressed up like a dog I was the most embarrassing to go through but I was locked up I heard lights out ..
we will feed you kibble later ..
There I was collar leashed and chipped . .with a tracking number . ..this was degrading . .

I heard other pets whimpering and whining