Mr. Jensyn needs some direction

Played by Tommy
8 months 3 weeks ago



:Berry gets out of his Mazaratti and walks into the lounge and is looking around the place trying to locate the person he is looking for. He taps on your shoulder and would have to look up at your face, but would rather look at the cleavage in front of his face. You would swear that he is turned on by his reactions, but there is no tent in his trousers.:

"Miss, I am looking for a business woman. She should be waiting for me. I don't have her name at the moment. So, I was hoping you might know who I am looking for."

:I quickly scan the room once more, trying to see if there is a woman sitting alone, at a table, who appears to be waiting for someone.:

OOC Notes

The person I tapped may be the woman I am looking for or she could direct me some place to wait or meet up with someone. I'm looking for someone who likes to use a lot of trickery and not brute force.