Scarlett having a forced dinner with a gentleman

Played by Ramonavenusflytrap
9 months 3 weeks ago



I was trying to hide in the red light district

I was told run run you can't hide Scarlett get over here your name makes no sense Scarlett you really think that you can escape that's laughable
I was running hopefully I won't get trapped

I saw a box of wigs in the red light district trash can .must look to see if there are any wigs to disguise myself

There were nearing closer I jumped into the dumpster and I pulled out the boxes

I saw a few wigs I knew that I had red hair so if I used a red wig perhaps the wig would disguise me wouldn't it
Unfortunately I was found out because I was stinking , my face remained the same I hear Scarlett where are you Scarlett please make it easy on yourself just turn your self in your not a criminal but if you leave us no choice we will fix paperwork and make that you are a criminal now please come out

Those threats scared me so I came out of my hiding place with a blonde wig on my head their reaction was to laugh at me

I gave a few pouts

They Said you made the right decision now come with us you stink ..

No choice I Scarlett followed them they pushed me in a room

I saw the sign the cleanmyfier*

Jets of water sprayimg in my body first streams of cold which caused my body to tremble and then jets of hot causing me to scream and cry then a enema shoots in Me causing me to have cramps and pains then I'm escorted to the cleaning room where they expelled the stuff off my ass