Open Call for Players-The More the Merrier-ON HOLD

Gurls, Girls and Guys

I am looking to get players to participate in a Jekyll/Hyde type thread whereby my "innocent vanilla" PA is gradually brought out of her shell to evolve into a sex crazed Domme type. It will be part of my "Red Dragon Institute" series of stories. I'm thinking the scene should take place in the Bar area to give her exposure to a diverse group of individuals, the stranger the better. My most immediate need is to find a husband & wife couple with wandering eyes. The reason being is that my PA Lisa is the victim of a cheating husband. My character, Bian has sort of taken her under her wing to build up her "self esteem." Their adulterous behavior will sort of act as a trigger to activate the nanobots that have been planted in her system that will lead to her eventual de-evolution.

This is the broad outline. If you are interested and want more details please PM me